Utan Home Isles
Tigrisian Enclave
The Kontari
The Thyla
The Pygmy Cats
The Raptorus
The Mo'aras

Osterial is a strange land, and what we'd call Australia and Indonesia.


Unlike Afrrik and Endia, which are large masses of land surrounded by a few islands, Osterial is more island-like. It encompasses what we would call Indonesia and Australia.

Utan Home IslesEdit

This is where the Utan species originated from and where they tend to return to once they have made lots of fame and fortune elsewhere. There is no real ruling class -- the pecking order is based upon personal honor and name-recognition, and so it is a fluid thing. Life here is lazy and slow, with food and domestic chores taken care of by Utans still working to build up their own names. The Home Isles are threatened, though, by the encroachment of the cold-blooded Kontari, who are slowly taking over island after island, both to the north and south.

Tigrisian EnclaveEdit

A small remnant of the Tigrisian species that managed to escape the species slaughter in the north. They survive in small numbers and are losing land and territory to both the Utans and the Kontari.

The KontariEdit

  • Note: Kontari is the name for komodo dragons

The Kontari are large reptiles who do not much like or care for the mammals living around them. They are ruthless and often emotionless killers, and they seek to take over the entire island chain for themselves. They are killed on sight by any of the neighboring nations, but unfortunately their numbers are growing.

The ThylaEdit

  • Note: Thlya is the name for thylacines

The Thyla rule most of the landmass Osterial. They have allies among the Leapers (kangaroos) and other native species, but battle with both the Kontari pushing into the continent and the Pygmay Cats.

The Pygmy CatsEdit

  • Note: Pygmy cats refers to the Quoll (which are not actually pygmies, just viewed as such)

Pygmy cats live in small tribes and are fiercely territorial. They ally with the Zamains (Tasmanian devils) to attack and raid Thyla settlements. Many tribes also practice cannibalism.


    • Note: Raptoru is the name for Haast's eagles

The Raptoru share their small island home with the Mo'ara, upon whom they prey for food. No mammals exist here.


  • Note: Mo'ara is the name for Moas.

The Mo'ara are large flightless birds who are engaged in an eternal struggle against their predators, the Raptoru. No mammals exist here.

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