"Liked To Eat Meat" [Luo]
Character Sheets
Close Kin
Worotha (father)
Kitoko (mother)
Sheshe (sister)
Takato (half-sister)
Piipi (half-sister)
Djai (half-sister)
Palesa (half-sister)
Kikore (half-brother)
Lemlem (half-sister)

Oringo is one of Worotha's two sons, a part of his family-pride.


Oringo is nearly the same color as his mother in pelt, eyes, nose, and even his mane, which is full, shaggy, and fringes off to the left and right. However, the red is tempered and darkened a bit by his father's grayish brown mane. His facial features are slim, cheekbones barely prominent. His nose is brown and his paws lack secondary coloring. His has scarring on his face that denote him as a Sentry.


Oringo is generally a positive lyon, cheerful and playful. He is prankster and a troublemaker however, and can be sassy. Despite all that, he is an honorable male.



Oringo is the second and last of Worotha's sons, and the older twin to Sheshe. He is a handful as a cub, and alongside his best friend Oliech -- the son of another neighbor -- he gets into as much trouble as is possible for a young Lyon to be able to. He also likes to play jokes on his siblings and parents, and it is often they can be seen chasing after the hooting youngster, intent on thrashing him for whatever he has done now.

After Kikore falls out of favor with their father, Oringo is expected to take over the family holdings, but alas... the Pale Ones come along and draft him for their guard stock. They don't care when Worotha protests that even if he's a second son that he's the actual heir, and just shrug and tell Worotha that he would be best served with making up with his eldest as his youngest is going with them, and no two ways about it. Anyway, it is an honor to be drafted and he shouldn't be complaining. Worotha asks for intervention from his daughter Djai's Judge mate, but he too just waves away the begging and says that Worotha still has a son and besides, it IS an honor to serve the Pale Ones. Away with ye!

Being a basically good-hearted Lyon, Oringo does exceedingly poorly among the Pale One guards. He does not like the crimes they commit or the violence they dish out -- they mock him for his lack of a taste for blood and 'joke' that maybe he's really a maned Lyonesse or something, the way he gets sick at their brutal natures. Oringo quickly grows despondent, as there is no way to quit, resign, or get out of his new life; it's a job he must keep until death.

Which means there's really only one escape.

His mother is beside herself at his funeral, having now lost both of her children to the Pale Ones. Takato fumes inside, filled with hate even as the rest of the family is in tears. She vows at his graveside that if the day comes she can pay them back even the smallest measure in kind, that she will.

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