"Born in a Sacred Abode"
The Forges of Dawn
The Thousand Winters
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Vicious Circle
Close Kin
Hotio (father)
Asta (mother)
Uru (sister)
Aja (half-brother)
Vireka (betrothal)

Oni is the second born daughter to Hotio and Asta, and a minor-side character in "The Forges of Dawn".

Physical AppearanceEdit

Oni isn't as red as her sister, but rather more brown. Her eyes are yellow, her nose a dusty brown as well as her tail tuft, and she boasts a dorsal stripe like her mother. She is smaller than her over large sister Uhuru, with bone piercings and yellow feathers woven into the fur behind her ears. Oni wears bark armor, and has a bronze ornament on her tail called a filigree.


Unlike Uhuru, who rebels and goes against the grain, Oni is obedient and has no problem settling into the role expected of her gender. She isn't as hardened as her sister is, but just as empathetic and rational, willing to sacrifice her own freedom and well-being to spare others the evil of The Pale Ones. Though not usually so, Oni will occasionally show fire.

In "The Forges of Dawn"Edit

Oni partakes in the hunt at the book's beginning, and survives the attack on her pride by Jesiza and his hounds by towards the end of the beginning. When Twitch and Notch leave off the group to pursue Uhuru, she is one of the few lyons able to break away and escape, along with Aja, Moyo, and Dasturi. They are not seen again until Uru is making making her way back home, where Vireka has started burning everything in order to find Oni, finally accepting that the Uru is dead and that he must move on. Oni gives herself over to him in order to save other lyons, and the two are prepared to wed each other other.

The Red Queen and her undead army attack, Oni fleeing the carnage and freeing her mother from the prisons in the Black Mountains. Helping her crippled mother about, the two don't run into Uru until all is said and done.

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