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Okuthe, also known as the Western Reaches Overseer, is the mate of Kudisan, not mentioned in the books, only in the comic Escape.


Okuthe is a tipped-white lyon, with pale reddish accents on his fur, something his wife looks down on him for. His eyes are amber and he wears the scars appropriate of an Overseer. His mane is white around his neck and back, curly around there as well, but the lower parts of his mane around his belly and chest are pale, grey-brown. He has high cheekbones, a square muzzle and short fur on his cheeks.


Oduor describes Okuthe as a "worm", and apparently he is, for he sways Kudisan to marry her sister off to a Lyon named Husuda, infamous for killing his wives in "accidents". He is a contrary, cruel, mocking, manipulative, and oily young lyon, smug even in the face of Kudisan, his to-be mate and superior. It is said his heart was quite black even before he fully attained adulthood.


Nothing much is known about his past, however he is the son of an Overseer. His mother is not a white lyon, and despite having both parents, it is Husuda who has the greatest paw in molding his nephew into the remorseless creature that he is. [1]

In EscapeEdit

Okuthe is a fair bit older than Kudisan, surpassing even Kamaria by a year or two. He sways Kudisan to marry her sister off to a Lyon named Husuda, his uncle, infamous for killing his wives in "accidents". This is no mere act of cruelty however, but a bet to test Oduor's loyalty to his future Lady, the terms being he will be her consort if he wins. He does win, bidding Kudisan to harden her heart and become a monster as he does, but this also means she will be monstrous and unkind to him as well, something he doesn't anticipate.

At some point he weds and mates to Kudisan, wearing the title of Western Reaches Overseer. Okuthe has no part in raising either of his sons and was studding-material only.[2] His siring of the "tainted" cub Kirai means Kudisan can finally set him aside for having gave her a "dirtied" cub.