"Born At Midnight"
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Close Kin
Tejasvin (father)
Shasa (mother)
Sarda (mate)
Dulani (forced mate [victim])
Kamaria (daughter)
Kudisan (daughter)

Oduor is a character that does not appear in the books -- he is only seen in the short comic, Escape.


Odour is a white Lyon with bronze armor, ear rings, mask, and a bronze ring. His features are quite square, save his eyes which are more almond shaped. His eyebrows are slim, the bridge of his nose wide and his chin is the slightest bite scruff. He has a thick mane and a stocky build, but appears to be the average size height-wise for a Lyon. His face is scarred, denoting him a Judge, and his eyes are red.


Oduor is better than most Pale Ones -- he actually looks out for both his illegitimate daughter and was even kind to Kudisan, instead of throwing friends and relatives under the bus or outright abusing them. He is smart, strict, and some measure of cunning, having mentioned doing some "illegal" dealings without ever getting caught. However, he is not the patient type and fumbles awkwardly in matters of affection, even if he makes an honest attempt. Oduor is a master of hiding his emotions and appearing cold and indifferent, even if he is fretting and breaking on the inside.



Oduor was born to Tejasvin and is technically the rightful heir and would-be lord of the Mountains as his father was the firstborn of Kidane's two sons. Being barred from power sours Tejasvin to his fellow pale ones and he passes this sourness on to his son. Oduor goes further, however, and completely denounces the Pale Ones, if privately.

Before Escape, Oduor partook in the Pale One-Hynar war, fighting alongside and making a good friend in the lyon Milandu. Those two often traded and kept each other's secrets, covering for each other, ect. At some point, even though he was due to marry Dulani, Oduor fell in love with the servant lyonesse Sarda and bred with her without Keita's consent. The old lyon is angry, but allows Kamaria -- the resulting cub -- to live. Sarda, however, is destroyed.

In EscapeEdit

Oduor and the other judges discuss something, unaware of the eavesdropping Kamaria and Kudisan. He eventually does walk out, however, revealing that his siring of her has been discovered and she is slated to marry a much older lyon, an old friend of his called Milandu. Oduor puts down his daughters protests, consoling her by saying that his friend will not touch her and will likely die in a few years -- then she would be free to choose who she wished.

However, thanks to Okuthe whispering malice in Kudisan's ear, the Lady-to-be sets her sister up with Husuda, a lyon who's wives all mysteriously go missing shortly after being married to him. He gives her his mask and ring, telling her to don a demeanor like her sister's and run away. Kudisan finds out about it some time after Kamaria has gotten away, and has her father turned into a hound and sent after her.

Odour and a pack of other hounds are sent to hunt her, but despite their best efforts, they cannot catch her. The other hounds are thrown off by her magic, and Oduor himself is killed by both his daughter and Jabari in a quick, violent scuffle. After he dies, his corpse changes back to that of a lyon.