"Hunger" [Tonga]
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Close Kin
Kitoko (sister)
Worotha (mate)
Djai (daughter)

Nzala is a part of The Pale Ones and a mate of Worotha, a part of his family pride.


Nzala is a lithe and very pale cream lyonesse with white secondary fur. She has some blocky features, her head, chest and cheeks being a bit shaggy. Her cheeks, however, spike upwards. The tuft of her tail is a very pale reddish blonde and her ears are rimmed a dusky brown. Her nose is also brown, and her eyes are a pale lavender.


Nzala is a quiet and demure lyonesse, lazy to go along with it. However she is lofty minded and has a sharp-tongue she isn't afraid to use.



Nzala is Worotha's second mate. He purchases her from her family for a hefty sum -- he figures that an extremely pale female, one sporting some white, in fact, will ensure that he gets a son. After all, the Great Jyotis will surely smile on such a union and bless it with many boys. Only... it doesn't. Nzala bears a single female cub, and then refuses to mate with him again. She is very vocal about not being used as a brood-mare, and thereafter won't even speak much with him. Nzala was not very into the idea of marrying so beneath her station in the first place, but Worotha WAS the richest and most prosperous landowner in the Pale One realms and so her family sold her off to him because of that alone.

Nzala takes a den apart from the rest of the family and patently hates the other wives Worotha takes, including her own sister; she is actually happy with the arrangement. She herself does no work on the lands, and when Worotha tries to dictate that she must, she snottily replies that was never part of the bargain to buy her -- he only wished to BREED with her (and even then he never said how MANY times he could do even that), not work her to death, and so she will not obey. And since it WASN'T spelled out in his dealings with her family, Worotha can only stew in silence, for to force her would be to incur the wrath of her relations for abusing their delicate flower.

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