"Young" [Hindi]
The Forges of Dawn
Close Kin
None known

Navya is a member of Yu Song's crew, and not one he particularly likes or cares much about.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Navya has a dusty brownish tan colored pelt and a slim build. Her face is distorted into a permanent squinting expression from the deep scars there. She is described as scrawny.


With a sullen and sour dispostion, Navya's personality matches her twisted face. She is demeaning to Uru and holds the other Lyonesse in contempt, hating that Yu Song has commanded her to keep an eye on her. It is clear from her suggestions and actions that she has no regard for her charge's safety or health, and this course of action would seem to be a reflection of somewhat low intelligence -- crossing the Tigrisian pirate captain and allowing someone she was told to watch over to come to harm would surely not be a good way to stay alive and unharmed herself.


In The Forges of DawnEdit

Navya is undistinguished from Yu Song's pirate group until the captain calls on her to keep an eye on Uru. Technically, since Uru is an outsider, she has more rights and ranks over the lyonesse, but since Uru is bigger and stronger that quickly changes during the course of the book. Navya proves unable to handle the bigger lyonesse, losing her Salt to her in a brief scuffle, and then running off to tell Tai Yang and Yu Song about the wayward lyonesse.

She drunks herself up first with Grog, to muster the courage, giving Uhuru and Ming Huo plenty of time to do their own scheming and escaping. For her inadequacies, Tai Yang guts her.