"Draw Away", "Disengage", "Set Free", "Get Out of Difficulty" [Swahili]
Character Sheet
Close Kin
Yai (mate)
Akida (son)

Namua is one of Yai's mates. She is not well-liked at court due to her outsider status.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Unlike other Lyons of the Sun Empire, Namua is not a shade of gold or orange -- she is medium brown, reflecting her heavy foreign ancestry. Her eyes are golden though, albeit a darker shade of it.


Namua is a dour and stern lyonesse whose loyalty lies with her family. Though aloof, she is dedicated.



Namua hails from another land, and is looked down upon for her non-gold pelt and foreign habits. Many call her "fish-eater" or "soft mouth", derogatory terms for a Lyonesse that cannot or does not hunt "real" prey (something that is frowned upon and disgust most Lyons) and instead chooses to subsist on "lesser" meats from fish and shellfish. It is also a backwards slur to her homeland, where the Lyons do less traditional hunting and more fishing -- again, something that is looked down upon by "real" Lyons. Despite their insults, though, Namua is a fine huntress and does her fair share of bringing in food for the Empire; she just also likes a more varied diet and will still seek out the traditional foods of her birthplace.

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