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The Lady of Snow
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Jumoke (son)
Unnamed (possible son)

Muchese was the head priest of the Pale Ones number, and the tutor to Kudisan after Keita dies.


Muchese is never described.


Muchese is a harsh lyon, even more so than the late Lord Keita. He is a deeply religious lyon, intense and even mad in his devotions and beliefs. He's is so fanatical that even grooms his son to kill or die to advance the goals of the Pale Ones.


In EscapeEdit

Muchese appears, unnamed, in Escape's epilogue with a protege of his, sacrificing birds to the gods as Kudisan and Keita converse. He witnesses her murder the old Lord, but never speaks of it months after it's happened.

In The Lady of SnowEdit

He becomes Kudisan's tutor, as Keita wanted after his death. He follows Kudisan everywhere and rains down harsh judgement and criticism on her, saying he wouldn't have to if she'd just conform, leave mortal notions such as love and mercy behind and attain true godhood. When she strays too far from the path he believes all white lyons must walk, Muchese employs his own son Jumoke as a weapon against her to teach her that love leaves people blind and vulnerable.

However, whatever his reasons, entreating his son to attack and try and kill her was an act of treason. He is dead before the events of Forges of Dawn and it is very likely Kudisan had him executed for hurting her so.

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