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Moyo is Koto's eldest child, and his only son. He is a side-character in "The Forges of Dawn.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Moyo is a somewhat pale golden-orange Lyon, with eyes of orange and his mother's uncolored lower jaw, pink nose and tipped ears. His face is slightly angular, ears pointed, and his mane is the same orange with caramel tones as his father. Moyo's mane doesn't extend to his belly and is both shaggy and curly.


Moyo is laid-back like his father, and has a streak of paternal-ness in him as he is often the playmate and babysitter to Aja, something Lyons would deem more fit for a Lyonesse. He has the many trappings of a leader, such as responsibility, loyalty, bravery and logic.


In The Forges of DawnEdit

Moyo doesn't much appear in the start of the book, though it is mentioned that he and Tarute, a half-cousin, don't much get along. He also has some lyonesse-like tendencies, caring deeply for the cub Aja, something Asta uses again Hotio when she argues for Uru's being made a border guard.

He does get kidnapped along with the rest of the pride after their two males, Koto and Hotio, are killed. When Uhuru disturbs the trio of hounds keeping them captive, leaving openings in Jesiza's supervision, he, Oni, Dasturi, and Aja manage to get away. Since then, he directs what's left of the pride around, putting Aja's vitalty first alongside Oni. When Vireka tries to burn his cousin out, he doesn't agree with her solution to just give herself over, but does not stop her. As he watches her go, he herds the rest of the pride away, considering the possibility that she may tell the Pale Ones where they are located, thus put them all in danger. It is a hard choice but, as the new Pride Leader, one he must make.

Later, as he flees from a pack of mounted Pale Ones, he is saved by the thought-dead Uhuru. He tells her of Oni's fate, of how she is to be wed to Vireka in a week's time. He captures an avian of his own, and is set to appear in the second book with a larger role.

In The Thousand WintersEdit

Moyo is slated to have a larger role in Thousand Winters. With his father and uncle both deceased, it is quite likely he will take charge of what's left of the pride.


Moyo has the potential to do Magic. He has not unlocked his gift, however.