"Radiance", "Brilliant", "Luminous" [Arabic]
The Road To Ruin (Empires of Sand)
Character Sheets
Close Kin
Akida (father)
Limau (mother)
Unnamed Siblings
Jakada (mate)
Akoth (son)
Iyapo (son)
Huria (daughter)

Mounir is Jakada's wife and Empress of the Sun Empire through him.

Physial AppearanceEdit

Mounir greatly resembles her mother, their only true difference being she has more brownish undertones like her father. Her features are more square as well and she has a very small fringe on top of her head. Other than that, both Lyons have green eyes, and pale ears. Mounir is a touch scruffier, however, with a deeper brown nose.


Mounir is a fiery and independent lyonesse, but loving and honorable. She is loyal, to both family and people, and cunning. She has a strong drive towards justice and seeing the day won by good and not evil, something Jakada comments that Iyapo, her youngest son, has in common with her.


In Empires of SandEdit

Mounir is the lyonesse that Jakada is smitten with, despite being set to wed Lady Kai. When Kai dies, however, Jakada is free to finally marry her and does so, which raises suspicions and breeds discontent within Green Ridges.

She goes on to mother his two sons and daughter, but disappears mysteriously in later years, and the loss of her is a deep wound to Jakada.

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