"White"/"Light in Color" [Tswana]
Empires of Sand
The Road To Ruin
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Close Kin
Kiros (father)
Aola (mother)
Xinavane (mate)
Risku (son)
Usodai (son)

Moswen was Xinavane's wife and the true power behind the Sun Empire throne since he is bedridden most of his life. Originally, Moswen was the native princess of Wild Shores.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Moswen is a very pale cream all over, with even lighter underparts. She has a darker dorsal stripe down her spine, and blue-grey eyes. She has a fringe of hair atop her head, long, droopy cheeks and an angular face, though not so much as her mate or sons.


Moswen, despite being the Empress through marriage, has all the fire and ferocity to rule alone in her husband's stead. This does not sit well with the council, which is largely corrupted, and often she has butt heads with the Lyons stationed there. She is just and rational, ruthless in some respects but all around compassionate as well as calm. Moswen believes in justice, in giving everyone a say, and ultimately it is these traits the drive those who hate and fear her to see her dead.


Before Empires of SandEdit

She was originally part of the Wild Shores royal line before it was conquered. Since her mate was frail and often bedridden, Moswen is given complete control of the empire in his stead as the Empress is subordinate to none but him, her word as good as his unless he says otherwise. Some on the council do not approve of this, however, and have her assassinated by a Raboon named Polaô just as her sons are budding into young adult Lyons when she proves to be too contrary to them.

In Empires of SandEdit

Moswen appears in flashbacks, but is not in the actual story itself.