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Modak is a side character in "The Forges of Dawn". He appears in Part II of the book, and is one of Uhuru/Uru's three companions on the journey back to Afriik.

Physical AppearanceEdit

This Lyon is no large beast -- he is a normal-sized example of the species. He sports a pelt of pale grey, spotted with darker grey rosettes all over, not unlike a young cub's pelt is. His mane is wild, a paler grey than his fur, and he has green-brown eyes. 

At the time of the book, Modak is an old Lyon, and scrawny with either age or ill-feeding. His mane is also mostly missing, and what is left is matted and unkempt. He has many ropy scars all over his body, is missing toes on his front feet, and has a face that looks as though someone used it for a scratching post.


Modak is a fearless old Lyon, unimpressed by the swaggering and strutting younger lyons do. Given his scars, one could assume he was a right scrapper in younger years, but has mellowed out into a mostly apathetic, lazy, and grumbly Lyon. He does retain some of his youthfulness however, coming to life when he hears Uhuru is the fabled Red Queen.


Before The Forges of DawnEdit

Modak is originally from the same place Uhuru/Uru is -- Afriik. He indicates he came from a pride of Lyons that frequently wore the hides and bone of their deceased loved ones, a practice even Modak admits was controversial. His people were of Marozi stock and enslaved by The Pale Ones, forced to work in mines beneath the Black Mountains.

Modak manages to escape his chains when starvation makes him thin enough, but is unable to help any others of his pride escape except for his little sister, who was still just a cub. The pair fled, but were pursued into the Waste by The Pale Ones. Unfortunately, it is while moving along the coast inside the Waste that Modak's sister is torn away from him by the winds of the Tempest, flung away to her presumed death in either the Waste itself, or drowned in the ocean.

Modak managed to survive the Waste and make it into the Barbari lands, and from there into Endia and the Laksha Isles. Somewhere along the way in his new home, he trains as a bonechewer -- the Lyon version of a doctor. It is in this position that he meets Uhuru.

It is unknown what Modak's name was before he came to Endia; only his Endian name is ever used.

In The Forges of DawnEdit

Modak is a bonechewer, and is unnamed the first few moments Yu Song and Uru meet him. He is as uninterested in her at first, until she returns with Ming Huo in tow, revealing herself to be one of the storied Red Queens. Wishing to see The Pale Ones fall in his lifetime, he gathers some things needed for the trip, including the still weak and delirious Lochan, and buys a ship from a Tahra called Nikrti to get away from Yu Song's clutches.

Modak, as promised, helps Uhuru and Tarute cross The Wastes without incident until about the first week. He is absent in the war against Vireka's Pales Ones.


  • Modak is distantly related to the feline Himarta, which would explain his spots despite his age.