Mjane's Pride Comingsoon
Residence Nomadic (formerly)
Northenmost Afriik (post Mjane's capture)
Composition Lyons, Population Unknown
Current Leader None (Dead Pride)
Past Leaders Wosia (deceased)

Segolo (deceased)
Selwe (deceased)
Fanus (Fate Unknown)

Heir None (Dead Pride)

Mjane's Pride was a pride of lyonesses that Mjane lived amongst.



It is unknown if Mjane's pride has old ties with Araawa in service to her (in which case they'd be Araawa's pride) or if they were a normal lyon pride who got involved in the affairs of the Red Queens with their leader's son, Sahibu, mateship to the latest of their number, Mjane. It is headed by Red Queens and Red "Kings" from Segolo onwards, and presumably dies with Fanus as his daughter moves on with Hotio and Koto at their pride.

During Wosia's time, all the lyonesse were hard of heart and stone faced, skilled in the art of remaining hidden without the use of magic. Likely, such skills developed as, before Mjane's capture, The Pale Ones hunted them relentlessly.

Known MembersEdit

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