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Mjane is a minor character in "The Forges of Dawn". She physically appears only in the prologue of the book, but is mentioned several more times throughout. Her magical "gift" is never explicitly named, but it is hinted by herself that it is of no use in fighting.

Physical AppearanceEdit

As with all Red Queens, Mjane has striking red fur, a few shades lighter than blood. Her nose is reddish, but her eyes are gold and her tuft a red-brown. She has a scruffy chin, and a tuft of hair hangs from her head in front of her eyes.[1]


Mjane was a gentle but Sombre lioness. Honorable and brave, she was just as ready to sacrifice as her mate was, something her mother-in-law and the rest of the pride were surprised at, having never took her for a martyr.



Kidane marries and forcibly breeds her, she eventually bears him a son, Keita. Mjane has very little to do with her second son, and it is quite likely that Kidane killed her after Keita was born.[2]

In The Forges of Dawn Edit

Mjane and the rest of her pride hide from the Pale Ones as they try to look for her, rooting out and killing her pride. She is cloistered away while she gives birth to her son, Sahibu guarding her, but the hounds come and he must lead them away. He never returns, presumed dead.

The Pale Ones eventually move away from her hiding spot, Mjane emerging and the rest of her pride un-blending from the surroundings. However, Mjane knows that as long as she lives the danger isn't over -- they will keep looking for her until they find her, and her pride and son will never be safe. She hands Segolo over to Wosia, Sahibu's mother, then delivers herself to Kidane's forces.

In Living HistoryEdit

Wosia spins her grandson a tale of his origins, particularly, the creation and importance of the Red Queen line's Fyre Stones. Mjane, after falling in love with her son Sahibu, gives him the stones in act of affection, something she found foolish. Wosia, after retrieving them from the mangled and dismembered body of her son, gives them to Segolo.


Mjane was able to wield magic, though whatever form it took was never explicitly stated. However, it was not magic of an offensive sort, something the red lyonesse disdains, particularly when her mate Sahibu is killed by Pale Ones.