Ming Huo
Ming Huo
"Flame", "Bright Fire" [Chinese]
The Forges of Dawn
The Thousand Winters
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Tai Yang (half-sister)
Yu Song (mate)

Ming Huo is a side character who aids Uru on her journey to defeat the Pale Ones in "The Forges of Dawn".

Physical AppearanceEdit

Ming Huo is a Tigrisian with the typical black and orange coloration of their species. Unlike other blacksmiths in Endia, she refuses to cut her fur out of vanity, even as her job makes it unbearably hot sometimes. Hey eyes are orange, and she wears armor and a tool belt. She is also slightly scarred, from her pirating days.


In the beginning of the book, Ming is cold and somewhat distant, but when she finds out who Uhuru is and who she's been running with, she turns her back on the lyonesse, demonstrating a healthy sense of self-preservation. However, she does help, motivated a bit by greed and the sheer desire to do her job without people looking down on her for her gender, sighingly mentioning she would've made Uhuru's armor for free just to be making armor. Likely from her pirating days, there is an edge of vulgarity to her.


In The Forges of DawnEdit

Uhuru finds Ming Muo in her search for someone who will forge her iron at a reasonable price, much to the protest of her overseer Navya. Ming is distant at first, and her prices aren't much better than the two Utans she'd previously visited, then completely closed off when Uhuru mentions she has dealings with Yu Song. Warning the young Lyonesse that the tigrisian is only interested in her Fyre stones, and that once he has them she's as good as dead, she sends the red lyonesse away. However, when Uhuru mentions there is no one in Afriik who works Iron, Ming Huo calls her back and agrees to help her on her quest.

She follows Uhuru to the barbari lands, where she begins forging armor for herself, Uhuru, Tarute, and Modak. Later, she accompanies the trio into The Waste, sneezing on account of some whipped up sand irritating her nose, and triggering the Guardians to chase them endlessly for days. When they find Tšatši's skull and stop Nirnasha from killing them, she gets the idea to imbue Uhuru's armor with SunFyre and gives the red lyonesse instructions on how to do it, since she herself cannot touch that magic without hurting herself.

Ming Huo, much like Modak, does not assist Uhuru directly in the war.

The Thousand WintersEdit

Ming is set to appear in the second book.