"Seed”, “Fertilize”, “Germinate” [Swahili]
The Forges of Dawn
Mending The Broken
Close Kin
Kikore (former mate)
Jiona (daughter)

Mimba is a greedy and conniving Pale One, and Kikore's rival. 


Mimba is never described in detail, but she is pale at least.


Mimba is greedy, sadistic, manipulative, and conniving, shown as she watches the execution of her neighbor with glee, an execution she orchestrated to take over his farmlands for herself.


In Mending The BrokenEdit

Mimba is mentioned in mending the broken by Kikore as he gives a brief summation to Asta about how he got involved with her. According to him, she was a great actor, feigning love and affection just so she could marry into a higher station and help her much poorer family. Worotha warns his son about her, but he doesn't listen, blinded by love, and goes on the wed her anyway.

Eventually, Kikore finds out the truth and they separate.

In The Forges of DawnEdit

Kikore and Mimba have a long-standing antagonistic relationship -- she apparently wants to take over his land and herds for herself, and tries various shady methods to get it. Kikore says she tries because he gets all the prime land by the roads that she desires. Mimba and Kikore used to be mated, but are no longer for currently unspecified reasons.

Her schemes are successful towards the end of the book, as Kikore has been judged guilty of heresy, spreading false rumor, and selling meat to Vireka's enemies. All of the 'evidence' comes from Mimba's testimony, and as a 'reward' for her loyalty, she will be allowed to take his lands and property. Mimba is killed alongside the three Judges she had called in by the army of the Guardians before Kikore can be executed.

While alive, she butted heads with Takato as well and while Kikore was simply disdainful of her, Takato had half a mind to murder her and would've done so if she learned what she tried to pull on her younger brother.