"Wind" [Sanskrit]
Wind Spirit
The Forges of Dawn
Close Kin
Vayu (brother)
Ira (sister)
Anila (sister)

Marut is a wind spirit, one of The Four Winds.


Lyons SectsEdit

with Lyons, Marut is an androgynous golden-colored male, often maneless or with only long strands the same color as his overall fur, and who is always shown to be dancing and full of mirth.

Utan SectsEdit

Among Utans, he is a small male with a feminine cast of features, and is always smiling widely.


Marut is said to be full of laughter and happiness, but can also bring about ruination and hardship, indicating a dual nature.


He commands the southern winds, and is generally viewed in a negative light, representing bad luck and hardship. He is blamed for all storms but also thanked for needed rainfall, and is seen as protector of riches but cursed for ruination of the same -- a dichotomy of feelings that follows his dual nature. As a god of wind, he is offered the same tributes and prayers as his siblings, but few actually want his attention. Despite all this, Marut is not hated, and is often depicted as both beautiful and full of laughter and happiness. 

Among Lyons, he and the Lord of the Underworld are often combined into one figure and called Mōbōr.

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