The Marozi Comingsoon
Residence The Valley (pre Black Mountains)
Composition Lyons
Current Leader None (Splintered)
Past Leaders
Founder Unknown

First King Kunya & Unknown Queen
15 of Kunya's Line
King Kunya XVI & Unknown Queen

Heir None

The Marozi were a band of odd, often ostracized and persecuted, spotted felines. It was suspected they were the results of matings between 'Pards and Lyons, but even the Marozi themselves were not certain that this was how they came to be -- they might simply be a race of Lyons who never lost the spots present in cubhood. They were involved in the creation of the Black Mountains, but lost the land to The Pale Ones.



Marozi society isn't much expounded on, however before they splintered, there were three prides, one held in higher esteem than the others. The Kings and Queens of the Marozi ruled from this pride, while the other prides had members that could do Magic. Each new heir would be born with a unique name, but upon taking the throne, would discard it and take the name Kunya. It was as much a name as it was a title.


Originally, the Marozi were one faction. Jeered and spat upon by non-spotted Lyons as 'Pard-kin, they sought a land to call their own to escape such sharp insults, finding such a place in the bowl of a valley. Their traditions and beliefs are very different as well -- particularly their 'necromancer'-like ways and non-belief in White Lyons as living gods -- which didn't help matters with other Lyons.

The Valley's people were comprised of three prides which obeyed the same laws and gave protection to each other. One of the prides was held in higher regard due to their strong warriors, and from them, the first King -- Kunya -- was born. And after he ruled and died, so did his son, and his, and so on for many generations up until the creation of the Black Crown. Kunya's descendant -- Kunya XVI -- was where it all fell apart. He falls deathly ill with a decease that claims most of his court. The Court magicians see opportunity in his weakness, attacking the King as he lay dying. Once he is dead, they turn on each other, the crown prince fleeing the land as the two magicians use magics that change the landscape itself, the gentle hills turning into the jagged Black Mountains.

The prides caught up in the conflict turn on each other, blaming each other for the death of their king. The magicians die, but their war does not, and they fight among themselves until Himarta unites them again.


Notable MaroziEdit