The Road To Ruin
Character Sheet
Close Kin
Sabetook (father)
Wonye (mother)
Akeyo (sister)
Miyoba (mate)

Luam was a lord of Pale Ones, after Sabetook.


Luam is a white lyon with a thin, rounded face and yellow eyes. He has a pale brown nose and white scruffy mane that hangs over his eyes. His mane has golden undertones. Luam wears the mark of a Pale One Lord on his face.

It is interesting to note, however, that Luam bears the marks on his cheekbones indicating he is a lesser lord. This may indicate that he never actually inherits the position as lord or that he doesn't keep it for long.


Luam is the stereotypical young male, brave and bold, but also disobedient and arrogant. He hates it when his father, Sabetook, says no to anything he desires.



This guy is a lot like a stereotypical young male: very self-assured and arrogant, and super cocksure of his abilities and talents. He thinks as future Lord, he is capable of doing just about anything and that all he has to do is appear and enemies will go running. No self-preservation instinct at all, really. He's all gung-ho to go running into battle and start fights, and he hates being told 'no' by his father. He clashes with his younger sister, Akeyo, quite a bit.

The Lord of the Pale Ones

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