Lord of the Underworld
Lord of the Underworld
Lyon (to Lyon worshipers)
The Forges of Dawn

The Lord of the Underworld is a diety mentioned by Wulan.


The Lord has no official shape and resembles no animal, but among lyons he is said to be Mōbōr, thus would be leonine by default.



Generally described as male, he is given no official name nor physical representation, and is depicted in carvings and trinkets by amorphous and sinuous shapes rather than as an actual animal. This Lord of the Underworld is a shape-changer, and can look like anyone or anything at any time, and uses this ability walk among mortals – in order to be present to collect souls at the time of death, or to judge the actions of those around it. It stands as lone decider of a soul’s worth, and is the one to decide where to place such things after death.

In The Forges of DawnEdit

According to what she says to Bambang, he rules over the dead in Utan religion. It is unknown if he is related to The Four Winds.

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