Layak (formerly)
"Bright Eyes" [Hindi] (Lochan- currently)
"Capable" [Hindi] (Layak- formerly)
The Forges of Dawn
Close Kin
Ekram (father)
Aolani (mother)

Lochan is a minor Prince of the Endian Empire -- the son of Princess Aolani. His birth name was Layak (meaning "capable" in Hindi), before he changed it to Lochan when he came of age.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Lochan is an average sized Lyon, with a striking contrast between mane and pelt. His pelt is deep chocolatey brown, while his mane is so pale blond it could be mistaken as white. His eyes are golden, and he has very little underbelly color in comparison to other Lyons. Aside from a thin strip of lighter coloring between his nose and mouth, his muzzle is one color.

Instead of armor, Lochan wears jewelry. Several bangles and rings of silver adorn his tail and legs, as well as two hooped earrings in his ears.


Lochan is a level-headed, emotive, patient and fair Lyon in some regards, but he will not hesitate to pull rank when confronted by commoners and did have plans to bring Uhuru to his grandmother, the Empress Chetna, to gain status and fortune. He hesitates to accompany Uhuru back to Afriik, and before he meets her, entertains drowning himself in an attempt to escape the boredom that is his life.

Lochan is very intelligent, having learned several languages, and learned Uhuru's language in a matter of weeks.


In The Forges of DawnEdit

Lochan is an ambassador, but lately there is little to do in the way of work, leaving the Prince bored and depressed. So, when a Afriikan Lyonesse is brought to his attention, he is roused to investigate. After getting into a tiny argument with Wulan and Bambang, one which he wins by pulling rank and because the law is on his side, he confiscates Uhuru and Tarute. He and Uhuru spend time together, swapping languages, Lochan wanting to confirm that they both are indeed from Afriik. Alongside this, he reveals their relations to the Black Emperor Mōbōr, but is hesitant to teach her any magic. The Utans get impatient, however, and report the Prince as payback for taking their find.

Lochan is met with his grandmother's rage and -- unable to quell it -- is thrown in the pits and later tortured. He remains unconscious and badly damaged throughout Uhuru and Yu Song's escape from the prison, and doesn't come to until Modak doctors him up. When he awakens, he cannot deny having taken Uhuru in for selfish reasons, and later sacrifices his life to preserve her own when Tai Yang throws a knife at Uhuru's chest.

As the others traverse The Tempest and head into The Waste, Modak -- as his pride's costum dictates -- keeps Lochan's mane instead of burying all of him. Ming Huo is especially horrified at first, but Modak shoots her down over the issue. Later, Uhuru wears Lochan's mane as she takes her revenge against Vireka and The Pale Ones.


Other RelationsEdit