"Soothe/Comfort/Reassure", "Calm"
Vicious Circle
The Forges of Dawn

Character Sheet
Close Kin
Kaless (half-sister)
Koto (mate)
Moyo (son)
Dasturi (daughter)
Dayima (daughter)

Liwaza is a minor character in "The Forges of Dawn". She has no speaking roles within the book.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Liwaza is a tawny brown Lyonesse of average size and build, with orange eyes and a brown tail tuft. Her nose is pink, and her ears are pierced with bones. The tips of and rims of them are a darker shade of her main pelt and her face is slightly angular. Only the upper part of her muzzle has any color.

After her mate's death, she briefly holds on his his charm.


Liwaza is a stoic, quiet, but dependable lyonesse. She is loving, loyal, and rather set in her ways.[1]


In The Forges of DawnEdit

She is briefly seen as the pride returns from a hunt, and last seen when the pride is taken hostage by Jesiza and the Hounds. Having lost the will to live after her mate's death, Liwaza slowly starves to death as the pride is herded to the Pale Ones' stronghold. Jesiza doesn't give her the chance to, order his hounds to kill her outright and using her death as an example to the rest of the pride.

Uhuru buries her as she goes pass the corpse, says a few words, then continues to track her family.



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