Author E. M. Kinsey
Cover artist None
Release Date Unknown
Pages 12
3 (written)
Protagonist N/a
Antagonist N/a
Other Characters Wosia
Concurrent Escape (Asta/Fanus Arc)
Preceded by The Forges of Dawn (prologue)
Followed by Vicious Circle

Living History [1] is a series of short stories that detail the passing of Araawa's Fyre stones from child to child.


The story is divided into several small arcs which detail the passing of Araawa's Fyre Stones.

Segolo ArcEdit

Living History starts with Wosia retrieving the stones off the corpse of her dead son, Sahibu. A few years later when the boy is old enough, she tells Segolo the tale of them, of the Black Emperor and White Lord and the first red Queen. She then teaches her grandson how to use the stones.

Selwe ArcEdit

Long after Wosia has passed and Selwe has presumably taken over the pride, found a mate, and had his own child, he teaches his own son, Selwe, what she taught him long ago as well as telling him the tale of the Twin Lyons. Selwe is an eager listener and learner.

Fanus ArcEdit

Selwe tries to continue the line of knowledge and power with his own son Fanus but the young lyon has no interest in learning and turns his nose up at the Fyre stones until his father's dying day.

He never learns how to use them, the stones or any magic inherent in himself, and so cannot teach Asta who in turn cannot teach Uhuru. Only pass down the stones. The old lyon has resolved to stay on their patch of land with their dwindling pride and his old mate, Vumilia, however he bids Asta to leave with Hotio and his brother, seeing as she loves the former, and explore.

Asta ArcEdit

Years after settling into her home with her mate Hotio, Asta passes the stones to Uhuru.



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