Avg. Height 4'8"
Avg. Weight 705 Ibs. (females)
800 Ibs. (males)
904 (Largest Specimen)[1]
Lifespan 50+ Years
Familiar Name Liger

Ligrisians are the hybrid offspring between male Lyons and female Tigrisians.


In Iron LyonsEdit

A Ligrisian has yet to appear in Iron Lyons, however, one is set to appear in the second novel, The Thousand Winters.

In RealityEdit

Ligrisians are Ligers in the real world, and never occur in the wild, only in captivity under the instruction of humans.

They grow to be far larger than either parent, both in weight and stature, double weight of average lion typically. Males have a ruff of fur around the neck that could pass as a mane, but they retain their stripes from the tiger parent, faded as those stripes may be, on a tawny lion background. Males are always sterile, but females are sometimes able to breed. They can pair again with either a Lyon or Tigrisian as well as 'Pard or a J'Gar for further hybrids, such as a Li-Liger, Ti-Liger, Jag-Liger, or Leoger.




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