"Lush", "Green", "Fertile" [Tigrinya]
Character Sheets
Close Kin
Sibajene (mother)
Worotha (father)
Kikore (brother)
Palesa (sister)
Takato (half-sister)
Piipi (half-sister)
Oringo (half-brother)
Sheshe (half-sister)
Djai (half-sister)
Oliech (mate)

Lemlem is a sister of Kikore and one of Worotha's brood.


Lemlem greatly resembles her half-sister Sheshe despite them sharing only one parent. She is a pale tanned cream color, with a brown tail tuft, tinged the slightest bit with grey. There is scruff on her head, her ears are rather small, her face rather angular. Her eyes are orange and her nose is a brown tinged pink.


Lemlem is a lyonesse afflicted with nerves. To go along with them, she is attentive and detail-oriented instead of studying the big picture. She is loyal, clingy, and quiet.



Lemlem is the last-born of the triplets Sibajene brings into the world. She is very quiet and never has much to say, but while she prefers small numbers of others to crowds, she absolutely hates being alone. Her mother would sometimes sigh in exasperation at how her cub would wail at the top of her lungs when left alone for even a second. Lemlem was odd even to her siblings, for while she would tag along after them when they played, she often would not join in their games and would instead hide in the grasses and peek out at them. So long as they were just nearby, she was fine -- she didn't need to play with them, and was content just to watch.

As an adult, she joins her sisters Takato and Palesa in marrying their late-brother's best friend, the Lyon Oliech. He often brings her curiosities he finds while roaming about their lands, and she ends up with a large collection of strangely-shaped rocks, dried flowers, tiny shells, fossils, and leaves. She rarely says it, but she adores the presents he gives her, and saves every single one in her den. For his part, even if she just takes what he holds out to her and disappears into her room, Oliech doesn't seem to mind her recalcitrance -- rather, he finds it intriguing and lives for the itty bitty fleeting smiles that flit across her face on rare occasions as she takes something new from his paw.

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