"Hurricane" "Cannibal" [N. Sotho]
Character Sheet
The Road To Ruin
Close Kin
Hila (mother)
Galaka (brother)
Alfajiri (brother)

Ledimo is Hila's youngest child and one of her "King Killers".


Ledimo is a lighter grey color, with lighter a underpelt that doesn't reach his eyes. He has striking blue eyes in an angular face, thick eyebrows, and the color is lacking on his lower jaw. His mane is far darker than his mane pelt, a dark grey with a tinge of brown.


Ledimo is a sly and envious lyon, unforgiving and absolutely devious. He is a clever beast, able to convincingly feign the part of a fearful, weak, and harmless individual while being the complete opposite. Despite being deceiving, there's an odd shred of loyalty in him, particularly towards his two brothers.



Ledimo is the youngest brother by a long shot. He is a cub when the other two are nearing adulthood, and so they always are influenced in how they treat him by that age difference -- to them both, he's still a wet-behind-the-ears cub, even when he has a mane. Ledimo is also the smallest of the trio, and so is always the one sent in to assess the landscape before they start on one of their campaigns: he's easier to miss spotting, and if caught, he's also youngest and easier to believe he may just be lost or something. Of them, he is best at feigning normalcy and due to his training, he has no issues with cowardly begging and pleading for his life. He can come across as so pathetic as to be deemed no threat, and that is probably his greatest asset. He is not stupid or a coward, even if he must play one, and so it angers him greatly when his brothers treat him as if his acts are reality.

Unlike the other two, Ledimo feels twinges of doubt about their missions, and hates that they always return to the Shards after every successful campaign. It would be so EASY to simply walk away and find a new way of life, but his brothers are as brainwashed as their mother assumes Ledimo to be; Alfajiri is terrified of betraying their people, and Galaka wants them all to accept him, so neither will walk away from the Sultanate. The one time Ledimo even broaches the subject, he receives such a thrashing from his brothers that he can barely walk home afterwards. They tell him it is for his own good, and better they beat such weakness out of him than let the females catch wind of his disloyal thoughts. Ledimo never speaks of it again, but he longs to break free, to join with these prides they help to destroy and who look to be so much more... soft and pleasant. But he will not leave his brothers. He won't let them stay behind while he escapes. Despite the ugliness between them often enough, he still has been ingrained with the need to stay true to them, always, and so if he leaves, they must come too. There is no future without them beside him. He will have his freedom and theirs, one day...

Even if that means he has to betray the very brothers he loves.

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