"Divination" [Nigerian]
Empires of Sand
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Close Kin
Caimile (mate)
Laghai (son)

Laoratu is High Councilor for the Sun Council, and mate to Caimile.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Laoratu is a light golden lyon, more on the yellow side, with a lighter underbelly. He is quite scruffy, from his full mane to his eyebrows, and appears tired and sullen. His mane is for shades of blond, his tail tuft two shades. His eyes are orange, his features square with the slightest angles. Laoratu has a pink nose.


Laoratu is a self-centered Lyon who uses the council to promote his own agendas instead of working on behalf of the people. He is sour and conservative, looking down on the two conquered lands, and thinking himself the real power in the land. Like Trhaas, he hates Empress Moswen, but is much more subtle about it.



High Councilor Laoratu is a complete monster of a lyon, and he uses the Council to promote his own agendas quite heavily. Super conservative and sour, he hates the idea of ever allowing lands the Empire has conquered a say in anything, and particularly hates how Empress Moswen adds Council seats for those conquered lands. He also hates the Empress for being from one of those conquered lands herself, and never fails to talk down to her whenever possible. Laoratu holds himself in quite high esteem, and although he wouldn't say it publicly, he thinks he is the real "power" in the land -- not the Emperor.

Before Empires of SandEdit

Councilor Laoratu along with several other members of the council are heavily suspected to have had a paw in the death of the Empress Moswen. It is yet unknown if he survived Usodai's wrath, though it's likely he did not.

In Empires of SandEdit

Laoratu is due to appear in the Graphic Novel, but only in flashbacks.


  • Laoratu is the only lyon so far to be redesgined.

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