"Evening", "Yesterday", "Day Before Today" [Kalenjin]
The Forges of Dawn
Close Kin
Jyotis (mate)
Mōbōr (son)
Tšatši (son)

Lang'at was a powerful witch, and lived during a time where life for Lions was hard and often short. She follows and eventually mates to Jyotis, bringing forth two sons who share her magical capabilities.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Lang'at's appearance is unknown.


Lang'at was a mysterious lyonesse, especially where her magic is concerned. Despite that, she is a good mother to both her sons, teaching them right from wrong and responsibility. However, her teachings aren't good enough in some way, leading her eldest son to strike out into other lands, take them with force and rule them with terror.


In The Forges of DawnEdit

Agreeing with his teachings, Lang'at stands by Jyotis' side as his mate, and though she loves him deeply she never reveals to anyone, not even him, how she came by her extraordinary powers. She was an asset in Jyotis' campaign, and births for him two sons who inherit her gifts. Their magics are far, far more powerful than anything she was able to do and the mother tries to teach her sons how to properly use those powers.

Tšatši paid heed to his mother's teachings, but Mōbōr goes his own way and uses his powers to wrought death and destruction. She tries to stand up to him, but Mōbōr strikes her down without a thought, killing her as he does so many others in his attempt to conquer the world itself.


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