Laksha Isles is a island heavy with pirates and other unsavory folk. The land may or may not have connections to the Endian Empire, though is likely nuetral in the way of land governance.


Laksha Isles is located some southernmost ways away from Endia, Uropa, and Shya and can be reached in a day on a large enough, fast enough ship.


Much like a lot of the world outside Afriik, the Isles features buildings and shops, which specialize in crafting armor, serving food and drink in tavens, and stocking males and females of various species for the whore pits. Salt is the main currency here.


Laksha Isles doesn't appear to have a governing body of any sort or any rules, as people steal and kill rampantly without repercussion. Pirates and other unsavory people frequent the area, and whether or not someone does service seems to be based heavily on both reputation and how much one person is willing to fork over for those goods and services.


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