Ladies and Lords are ranks used by some lyons and a few other animals in the Iron Lyons universe. They are a catch-all term for nobles.



Prior to The Enlightening Period, there were no true titles that lions used. However, when Lions became Lyons, Jyotis took the title of Lord -- either by adoption or creation -- and was possibly the first lion to do so. Correspondingly, Lang'at was the first lyonesse to title herself a Lady and their sons were heirs to Jyotis' title, until their eldest goes rogue.


A Lady is a female noble of high standing, or the daughter of nobility. They are referred to as their title then their names.

  • Zarina is a duchess, and therefore a Lady.


A Lord is a male noble of high standing, or the son of nobility. They are referred to as their title then their names.

  • Toroka, as the son of Zarina, is a lord.

High Holy Lord/LadyEdit

The Pale Ones of Afriik have lords and ladies, but despite their titles they are actually far higher in standing than any empress or an emperor would be. Owing to their white fur and shared lineage with Tšatši, they claim divinity and holiness.

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