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Kudisan, called Kudi by Kamaria, also referred to as the Lady of Snow, was a former ruler of The Pale Ones. She was replaced by her son, Vireka, and as tradition demands, was turned into a Hound for the new Lord.

Physical Appearance Edit

Kudisan strongly resembles her son, but her right paw and shoulder has somewhat heavier red spotting than Vireka's. Her eyes are red rather than his gold, and she wears a Fyre Stone necklace around her neck. Her nose, inner ears, and eyebrows are pale brown and her cheek fur spikes up instead of drooping down. She wears bronze armor all about her body, including a mask, and owns a black crown.


As a hound, Kudisan is large and muscular like any of her species, but keeps her white pelt and bloody red right paw.

Personality Edit

In contrast with her beautiful appearance, Kudisan's personality is absolutely nasty. She is disrespectful, spoiled, petty, selfish and very cruel as shown when she turns her father into a hound and then sends him after Kamaria, his own daughter and her half-sister. She passes these traits onto her son, though Vireka is arguably a lot worse than she is.

It is revealed, however, that while she was much the same in childhood, it was all an act. Despite her stinging words, she did consider Kamaria her only friend and does love and trust her father to an extent. All her deplorable acts are done out of rage and intense bursts of emotions. They're not meticulous and casual, until the situation with Jumoke happens. Somewhere between there and the birth of her two sons, she has become mostly empty, only taking pleasure in the absolute authority she held over others and their fear of her. But before, she was capable of happiness, love and even forgiveness.


In "Escape" Edit

Roughly ten years in age, a young Kudisan eavesdrops on her father and the other judges about Kamaria's fate, before Kamaria herself comes in to investigate. The sisters start squabbling outside the door, drawing Oduor's attention. He commands her to go inside, while he and Kamaria speak in private, to finalize the arranged marriage.

At the last seconds and with some "convincing" from Okuthe, Kudisan decides to marry her sister off to Husuda, a Lyon who supposedly kills his wives, instead of Oduor's old friend, which prompts the Judge to send his daughter away and escape. Angry, Kudisan turns her father into a Hound and sends him after Kamaria.

The written version of escape looks closer at this, revealing that Kudisan chose to marry Kamaria to Husuda to test her father's loyalty and prove Okuthe -- who'd intimated he was disloyal -- wrong. She is heartbroken to see he is correct, and turns her father in a monster in the throes of her rage, sending him after Kamaria. She then turns and snaps at Okuthe, earning his ire even as she keeps her end of the deal and agrees to take him as a consort. However, she never wants to see him until then, and banishes him from the Black Mountains until she is of age.

Kudisan resolves to listen more closely to her grandfather Keita, as his harsh and cruel words are apparently more true than any kindness her father and sister ever showed her. She grows into a monstrously cold and unfeeling creature under his paw, earning the title "Lady of Snow". Eventually, however, his words provoke her anger and she ends up killing him with The Black Crown.

In The Lady of SnowEdit

Kudisan recalls her past in her dreams, of being tutored by Muchese and deceived in the worst of ways by the lyon she loved called Jumoke.

In "The Forges of Dawn" Edit

Kudisan has long being deposed before TFoD. Instead of retiring peacefully, Vireka turns her into a Hound, as she once did her sire before her, and uses her as a mount when he tries to chase down Uhuru. She is also present -- as a Hound -- towards the end of the book, although her son kills her as he readies his fyre for Uru.



  • Likely only when she's out of earshot, Kudisan calls Kamaria "'Mari" as a nickname.
  • In return, Kamaria -- more out of an intent to annoy than anything -- calls Kudisan "Kudi".

The Lady of the Pale Ones