Creator Unknown
Current Owner Unknown/None
Past Owners Unnamed Witch Doctor
Status Unknown

Koto's Charm was a possible magical construst.



Koto's Charm was a bracelet of braided teeth and claws. The Lyon bought it off of another animal claiming to be a Witch doctor and while Hotio doesn't believe too greatly in his power, he does listen to his brother whenever the lyon claims the charm is trying to warn him of something. It allegedly does this by tingling or buzzing against his fur.

In The Forges of DawnEdit

Despite Hotio's doubts, Koto's charm was the very first true warning of danger in The Forges of Dawn. After Koto's death, his mate wears it as Jesiza drives their pride along. Later, his neice Uhuru takes the charm from her corpse after he sets the Hounds on her, and carries it with her to the Black Mountains.

Vireka gets a hold of it and keeps it as a memento of sorts when Uhuru and Tarute jump into the Tempest. Once he is killed, it is unknown what happens to it.

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