"Bulky", "Thick" [Northern Sotho]
Vicious Circle
The Forges of Dawn

Character Sheet
Close Kin
Jabari (father)
Kamaria (mother)
Lebna (half-sister)
Hotio (brother)
Liwaza (mate)
Moyo (son)
Dayima (daughter)
Dasturi (daughter)

Koto is a minor side character in "The Forges of Dawn". He is the second of the two Pride Leaders and generally defers all decisions to his brother.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Koto is smaller than his brother, and sleeker, with the same orange hues coloring his fur and mane, just a tad lighter. His nose is deep brown and his eyes are orange, to his mother and brother's red. He wears a charm around his right leg, along with the traditional bark armor. His face is more scarred up than Hotio's is.


Koto is more laid-back then his brother is, as well as more charismatic, but aside from that the brothers have a similar temperament. He is honorable, but teasing, and calm unless he really has no reason not to be, such as when he sensed trouble in the form of a Cold Spot out in their lands, when Uhuru and Hotio begin to argue, and lastly, when Hounds try and eat his family.


In The Forges of DawnEdit

Koto senses trouble a ways out one day, prompting Hotio to task the pride's falcon Luja to check it out and make sure all is well. The bird returns, reporting he has found a Cold Spot, and the brothers form up to check it out. Hearing a scream, the find and escort Uhuru out of it's depths. Hotio gets on Uhuru about it, and she snarls at him that she would've never went in if Hotio's lips hadn't been so tight about the issue, but Koto blames them both, saying Uhuru is right even if she is naive.

Later, as per his promise, he tells Uhuru about some things they'd all been keeping from her and the other younger members of the pride, revealing Kamaria's former affiliation with The Pale Ones. He is last seen defending the pride, especially Aja, from Jesiza and his hounds -- a task he dies in the midst of, torn to pieces by Hound jaws.


Since Kamaria is his mother, Koto had the potential to do Magic. He never truly unlocks it, however he is able to accurately sense ill omens from the charm around his leg, hinting at some variation of Divination that never fully blooms.