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Kitoko is a part of Worotha's harem and family-pride. She is the mother of his youngest child, Sheshe, and second son, Oringo.


Kitoko's personality is opposite of her sisters: she is a very bubbly and positive lyonesse. Despite being dreamy, she isn't an airhead and is a competitive and envious animal.


Kitoko is very pale like her sister, her underbelly nearly indistinguishable from her primary fur. She has a small, square muzzle, with a brown nose and a angular nose. Her cheek bones aren't very prominent and her ears are small. Her tail tuft is pale red-blonde and her eyes are dusty orange.



Kitoko is the younger sister of Nzala, and Worotha's fourth and final mate. She begs her parents to let her be the one to go to Worotha instead of Nzala, but they dismiss her as being too young, and besides -- Worotha specifically asked for Nzala. So despite her insisting that Worotha is her soul-mate -- young lust confused for love -- Nzala is married off and Kitoko is left behind to cry about it.

But then Nzala only bears a single daughter and then refuses to mate any more, causing Worotha to come back and have hot debates and arguments with her father about he was 'sold a false wife' that they knew would be contrary and did not inform him of such when he bid for her. Although she is not legally bound by the marriage agreement to keep having kids with him, Nzala's behavior DOES reflect poorly on her family and Worotha's insinuations and accusations damage their honor. Thus, when Kitoko jumps up again and starts volunteering to save their family's name and prevent the Judges being brought into the matter, her father relents and lets her marry Worotha -- she's willing, and they can put into her contract with him that she HAS to breed until Worotha says he's tired of such games. Kitoko doesn't care, and she's just ecstatic her father finally say she could have the male.

Of course, her bright eyes are dimmed some when she comes home with him to find he already took a third wife while bargaining for her, AND that that new wife is already pregnant. She demands that Worotha service her right then and there, because she won't be outdone by some dirty commoner wench who isn't worthy of her Worotha. Worotha is amused by his new bride's eagerness and demands, and has no issue doing as she asks; he would have demanded it anyway if she hadn't suggested it. Of course, within a few weeks, Sibajene gives birth to the coveted son and Worotha instantly loses all interest in Kitoko.

Kitoko is incensed. How dare he throw her over for a foul little jumpstart like Sibajene! AUGH! Nzala snarkily tells her she got what she deserved, and for a short period, Kitoko DOES fall into a depression over having 'lost' to Sibajene; even her own pregnancy, conceived during the brief window when Worotha was interested in her, does not make her happy. Ah... but when she finally brings her litter into the world, she is brought back to life, for she too bears a son to her mate. Oh happy day! Worotha suddenly notices she exists again and she quickly gains equal favor in his eyes with Sibajene.

From then on, Kitoko can often be seen clinging to whatever arm or side Sibajene isn't, and the two vie for his attention. Neither can bear the other to be alone with him. Ever.

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