"Empty" [Sheng]
Character Sheet
The Lady of Snow
Close Kin
Kudisan (mother)
Okuthe (father)
Vireka (brother)
Kwaruza (half-brother)

Kirai is the brother of Vireka and a Pale One. He was known as The Gentle Lord among his fellow slaves.


Kirai is an average sized white lyon, with his mother's red eyes and his father's white and greyish brown mane. One of his legs is colored a pale cream color, which is also spotted in places on his body as well as a cream gradient along his spine that gently fades into white. His tale tuft is greyish brown and he wears the mark of a Lord on his face. Fresher and new, though, is the 'X' mark, denoting him as a slave.


Kirai is a kind and selfless lyon, unlike his parents and brother. He is patient and determined, a true leader instead of a greedy, sadistic tyrant like his brother. He was known, among slaves and civilian alike, as the 'Gentle Lord' of the two and was deeply loved.


In The Lady of SnowEdit

Kirai and Vireka interact with their mother. Kirai is busy sculpting miniatures of the The Black Mountains while his brother harasses him with Magic. Because he cannot do magic, Kudisan more or less ignores him, focusing her wrath on her red-pawed son.

In UnbrokenEdit

Kirai is passed over for the throne and thrown into the mines as a slave in favor of Vireka, who's paw was bloody red like their mother, Kudisan, while his is just gray. He has a particularly bad time of it from the Overseers, since otherwise they wouldn't be able to even look him in the eyes as a Lord. However, at the same time, the Overseers are not allowed to kill him, a protection other slaves do not have.

He and another victim of Vireka's evil, Anagamia, share a closeness in the mines, the white lyon trying his best to keep her spirits high and her resolve intact. Knowing there is nothing for him as a slave, he uses his life to ensure that Anagamia and her child will be protected from Vireka's wrath. Anagamia argues against this, but Kirai sacrifices himself anyway. His death was never outright stated, and so his fate is unknown.[1]



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