King and Queen are Noble Ranks within the Iron Lyons Universe.



A King is higher than most other ranks, such as duke, baron, ect. however he does not outrank an Emperor or an Empress. They rule over a smaller plot of land than an empire, however they are the supreme power in their lands and generally regarded as godlike, their rule 'ordained by god'.

Queen RegnantEdit

Queens are female rulers of a throne, in their own right. However, they are held in less esteem than a male ruler is and thus are given 'aids' that a King does not have to accept, putting a stranglehold of such on their own power.


A Prince/ss is the child of a King or Queen Regnant and their official partner, with the crown prince/ss being the heir to the kingdom. The crown prince/ss in particular sits just below the ruler, outranking the Queen/Consort-by-marriage in authority.


A King or Queen consort marries into power and is the official partner of a King or Queen Regnant.

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