"Orphan Boy", "Venus (Planet)" [Maasai]
Empires of Sand
EOS - Backstory
Close Kin
Elfeen (mate)
Jibade (daughter)

Kileken is one of the seven Sun Councilors. He hails from the conquered kingdom of Wild Shores and was a good friend to Moswen.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Kileken is a pale golden Lyon with orange eyes and a thick curly mane. He is quite scruffy, especially on his chin and cheeks. He is a thin lyon, with prominent cheekbones, but despite being thin he is tall.


Unlike the others on the council, Kileken isn't selfish and actually uses his power for the people as intended. To this end, he often sides with Moswen whenever a problem or concern is being discussed, but is still his own lyon with his own opinions. He's selfless and protective, honorable and trustworthy -- at odds with most of his fellow councilors.


Of the seven, Kileken is probably closest to the ideal for the position he holds: he works for the people who elected him, and serves their interests above his own. He will not budge from his stances and speaks up for the oppressed, downtrodden, and forgotten, and so is often standing up for Cheelo when the others exert pressure on him.

Kileken is a childhood friend of Moswen, and is extremely close to her -- it is often rumored that had it not been arranged that she would be wife to the Emperor, she would have married Kileken. He disputes this, saying they are more akin to siblings in affection; he grew up with her family, having been orphaned very young. Whatever the case, his loyalty and true grief at the death of Moswen put Kileken at the very bottom of Usodai's list of suspects, and so he escapes most of the sociopath's swathe of destruction and death.

For once good is rewarded in kind.

Empires of Sand - BackstoryEdit

Kileken is present as Moswen's funeral and Usodai notes that his grief seems to be the purest of all those gathered.

Empires of SandEdit

It known that he survived Usodai's ruthless rooting out of those who conspired against his mother. He only appears in flashbacks.

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