"Newly Planted Garden/Field", "Rich or Famous Person" [Swahili]
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Jiona (daughter)

Kikore is a Herdmaster and a minor character in The Forges of Dawn.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Kikore is a pale sandy color with a lighter underbelly, muzzle, and paws. His mane is a darker color and he has eyes of amber. Hard lines are set in his face, but he is thin, and appears middle-aged, as per the books description. Kikore's nose is a somewhat pale pink.


Kikore shows a bit of the arrogance most Pale Ones have in some measure when he first meets Uhuru, mistaking her for an escaped slave. He has some dignity about himself, as well as morals, deciding to side with The Red Queen when she marches upon the Pale One Stronghold with her army and Nirnasha.


In The Forges of DawnEdit

Kikore is a herd master, and finds Uhuru loping around in his fields one day as he goes to tend to his Herdbeast. At first he mistakes her for a runaway slave, but further conversation reveals she is no such thing. Kikore lets her go about her way instead of turning her in, as he was supposed to, but this bodes ill for him in later months. Mimba, a rival of his, reports him to the authorities and Judges prepare to execute him.

After being beaten, he is saved by Uru as she dons her skull, mane, and SunFyre armor. Kikore is spared by her, in return for him sparing her that one time, and he takes shelter as she continues to march. Once his nerves are calmed, Kikore decides to help her by rallying surrounding lands and the rest of the civilians to her cause, realizing this may be the only chance to really be free of the Pale One's terror. He does this with the help of his sister's son, Olutobi.

In The Thousand WintersEdit

Kikore is set to appear in Thousand Winters.

In Mending the BrokenEdit

Seeking to cheer up, Kikore invites Asta, an old Red Queen, to his father's birthday celebration, hoping the high spirits would life her own. Despite her misgivings, everything goes well in the beginning, with food and drink and merriment. It's only when Worotha gets drunk on Mead that things go downhill as he brings up Mimba and Jiona.

Kikore flees when his words become too much and Asta goes after him. On her insistence, he recounts the tale of his wife and daughter to her, easing the pain of their memory, and in doing so gains a friend and possibly a new partner.