The Kigae Pride Comingsoon
Residence Unspecified
Composition Lyons
Current Leader Shindano
Past Leaders Unknown
Heir Kunyua

The Kigae pride is one of the three prides warring for dominance over the Black Mountains, the other two being the Ukombe Pride and the Ujiti Pride. It is lead by Shindano, though his rule is expected to be over soon, thanks to Ujitian efforts. In that case, Kunyua will replace him.



The Kigae Pride was once a part of a single Kingdom, The Marozi Kingdom led by Kunya's line. However, the murder of their sixteenth king splits the three prides apart into warring factions, feuding over ownership of the Black Mountains. Shindano created an alliance with Kondo of the Ujiti Pride, but it doesn't last due to the latter's Treachery. Of the three prides, they are the true holders of Kunya XVII's blood.


Past MembersEdit

  • None Known

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