"Heir-Apparent", "Inheritor"
The Forges of Dawn
Close Kin
Kidane (father)
Mjane (mother)
Segolo (half-brother)
Tejasvin (half-brother)
Theluji (mate)
Dulani (daughter)

Keita is the result of forced matings between Kidane and his captured bride, Mjane, who is, at the time, the latest Red Queen. He is mentioned in the prequel comic, Escape.


It is revealed by Oduor that he turned Kudisan into the twisted creature she is. Therefore, it is safe to say that Keita himself is no better. He actively disallowed other influences that would contradict his own, even the input of Kudisan's own father. The male is also said to have a temper and a way with sharp words. He is also impatient and cold.

Keita is deeply misogynistic, thinking females weak and sniveling.


Keita's is a white lyon, but has red on his body like his daughter, granddaughter, and great-grandson. He has far more red than they do, however.[1] His eyes are golden.


In EscapeEdit

Keita is mentioned by Oduor as about to die soon. The written version further reveals that he was the one behind Sarda's death, forcing Oduor to choose between her and their daughter whom he wanted to live as punishment for the two breeding without his consent. He only spares Kamaria because he is convinced she has no magic in her blood -- a lie. What exactly he did to Sarda is unclear.

At the epilogue of Escape, Keita expresses satisfaction at Kudisan turning her father into a hound, but still thinks she is not ready; not good enough to continue their mission. His words anger the cub to murderous heights, and she grabs The Black Crown, using the pointed ends to stab Keita in the throat and kill him.

However, Keita smiles as he dies and calls her a 'good girl' once last time before his eyes dim, wanting this. As per his will, Muchese continues on where he cannot, molding her into the cold and emotionless monster she "needs" to be.


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