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Kanali Staid
"Colonel" [Swahili]
The Forges of Dawn
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Kanali is a sub-antagonist in "The Forges of Dawn" and Vireka's favorite of the three Guard Captains. He is a Pale One and a secondary rival to the main protagonist, Uru.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Kanali is a tipped-white lyon with his mane a simple ridge about his head and neck, the same white color. His eyes are pale blue, and his pelt has creamy streaks to it. After his encounter with Uhuru, he loses an eye and an ear. Of the guard, Kanali wears the most impressive set of bronze armor.


Kanali is mostly a stoic Lyon, but doesn't lack the fire to feel utter rage and hate at Uhuru's mutilating his face or sadistic glee at the prospect of getting back at her. He isn't as loyal as he seems, going underneath Vireka's orders a few times to secure the fate of the mountain and reign of the pale ones, and has half a thought of killing the white Lyon one time in the book if only to end his madness driven destruction. He is a lyon of fortitude, with standing Vireka's torment and Uhuru's mutiliation without a hitch as he does his job.



Kanali was born in a caste of warriors, and chosen by Kudisan because she liked his fur. He has dealt with multiple assassination attempts, so trusts no one, and really believes he should hold the long-dead title of General.

In The Forges of DawnEdit

Kanali is first seen as Uhuru tries to sneak her way into the Black Mountains where her family is being held captive. The attempt fails, and a small scuffle breaks out, but before it all ends the red lyonesse is able to destroy the Head Guards eye and tear off an ear. Later, he reports the catch to Vireka and has Uhuru brought before him by way of a Gora. The Lord, upon Uhuru's request, shows the red lyonesse their vast lands (with the threat of letting Kanali take his due looming over her head), and the cycloptic lyon never misses a chance to leer at her.

He frequently visits and reports news -- both favorable and not -- to Vireka over the course of the book, taking beating after beating from the white lord when he gets angry. When Vireka finally accepts that Uhuru is lost to him for good, he goes searching for her sister Oni and after weeks of turning up nil, he simply decides he will burn her out with the ColdFyre. For once, Kanali gets half a thought to jump at his master's back and sink his teeth into the lyons skull or throat, but uncertainty keeps him from attacking and instead he runs off to do as he commands.

Finally, Kanali faces off one last time against Uhuru, now wearing the moniker Uru. He cannot stand up to her determination and magical armor, and the red lyonesse ends him by piercing his skull with one of her metal claw gauntlets.

Other RelationsEdit

  • There was a Head Guard before him who was killed via having ColdFyre stones shoved down his throat.


  • Kanali dislikes Hounds.
  • Despite the fact the position has been axed, Kanali believes himself to be of General rank. He pretends to wear the scars.