Vicious Circle
The Forges of Dawn

Character Sheet
Close Kin
Liwaza (half-sister)
Unknown Male (mate)
Tarute (son)

Kaless is a minor character in "The Forges of Dawn".

Physical AppearanceEdit

Kaless is a dusky brown lyonesse with lighter underparts. Her tail tuft is a more orange color, with lighter streaks in it, a trait she would pass to her son. Her eyes are orange, her ears are small and pointed, and her nose is brown. She has a somewhat long, rectangular muzzle, the coloring on it never reaching her lower jaw. Liwaza had brownish-gold feathers along the fur on her neck and wears wooden armor. She also carries supply gourds.


Kaless is a very quiet individual, hardly ever speaking. Despite her preference for personal silence, she is a sweet Lyonesse, and very even-tempered. However, she can be willful.


In The Forges of DawnEdit

Kaless participates in the hunt at the beginning of the book and is survives Jesiza's attack on the pride. She and her son are herded off to the Black Mountains where Vireka turns them into hounds. Kaless is not seen again until the book's conclusion, where she battles her son in hound form and is incapacitated but not killed. Upon Vireka's death, she changes back into a Lyon and overall survives the events of the first book.

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