"Lovable" [Ghana]
Empires of Sand
Character Sheet
Close Kin
Haramia (mother)
Jajiko (father)
Akoko (sister)
Jakada (betrothal)

Kai hails from the Green Ridges, and is the younger sister of Akoko. She was to be betrothed to Jakada, but this falls through.


Kai is more groomed than her sister, a fair orange color with the distinctive Green Rigder ear tips. She boasts yellow eyes, and a sharp ridge of fur stands erect on her head.


Kai is somewhat snooty and aloof, but the latter is a ruse in the face of her husband-to-be Jakada. She is really gentle, quiet and quite nervous. She is unsure of herself and often stays silent to avoid making a mistake or offending people; more than anything, she wants to appear perfect and an ideal, especially in front of Usodai and Jakada. She doesn't want to marry Jakada, but since it isn't her choice, she tries to make the best of it.



Kai is born in Green Ridges, younger sister to the Duchess-to-be Akoko. At some point in her life, she is set up to marry Jakada, an idea neither lyon is fond of, especially the prince who is clearly smitten with Akida's daughter, Mounir. Mysteriously, Kai ends up dead from an apparent suicide, which causes unrest in the conquered land of Greed Ridges, particularly from Akoko.

In Empires of SandEdit

Kai is only seen in Flashbacks.

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