"Dawn" [Sanskrit]
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Lang'at (mate)
Mōbōr (son)
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Jyotis, sometimes called The Great Jyotis, was born a lion, but upon enlightening the entire species, would die a Lyon. He was the first of his kind to believe and embark on a better future, not just for himself, but for his kin. Many Lyons revere him as a god and pray to him.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Jyotis is a tannish brown lyon with a lighter tanner underbelly and red eyes with a reddish-pink nose. His features are somewhat sharp, but droopy, particularly the fur of his cheeks. His mane is dusky brown and full, a fringe on either side of his head, with more a presence on the left side. Most notably, there is white fur spanning his brow, cutting through the brown and taking on a crescent moon like shape. It is unknown if this mark has been applied or is natural.


Instead of being savage and forceful like other males, Jyotis is a thinker and a dreamer, devoid of the greed that often led lions to ruin in the olden days. Not much else can be said about Jyotis. E. M. Kinsey has stated that he is both harsh and driven yet with an underlying empathy and ability to comfort and bend when necessary. A walking dichotomy.


Before "The Forges of Dawn"Edit

Jyotis saw the world different than any other lion did, and voicing these thoughts as well as acting them out, saw the world changed forever. Donning the title of Lord Jyotis took a witch -- a lioness named Lang'at -- as his mate, and bore a white and black son with her. It is unclear what kind of relationship he had with his children, as well as his fate, though he is definitely dead from age.

In The Forges of DawnEdit

Jyotis is long dead before the events of FoD, the only traces of him being found in The Pale Ones bloodlines as well Red Queens as well as two undead sons. But his name lives on as legend for the lyons and he is even a holy figure, as Asta is seen praying to him she learns Uru is alive and coming to save them. 

Other RelationsEdit