Mending The Broken
Close Kin
Kikore (father)
Mimba (mother)

Jiona is the daughter of Kikore and Mimba. She was put into the messenger caste of lyons, but her status is unknown.


Jiona was a pale lyonesse with the scars of a messenger-caste lyon on her face.


Kikore recalls Jiona as having been an incredibly kind and intelligent cub. She touched everyone she met. Even Worotha loved her dearly, even if he hated her mother and was disappointed in his son just as much.


In Mending The BrokenEdit

After his father throws barbed words his way and Kikore flees, Asta follows him and he mentions Jiona as he recalls the past. Mimba, being born into poverty, had one goal in life: to move up in the world, and she tried to use Kikore and their daughter to do so. When she sees Kikore will not fight his father for his birthright, however, she takes matters into her own paws and sells their daughter off to the judges without Kikore's knowledge.

This gets her the land she always wanted and earns her the hatred of her mate and his sister, Takato.

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