Jie Fei
Jie Fei
"Bandit", "Robber" [Chinese]
The Real Masked Bandit
The Thousand Winters
Close Kin
Unnamed Mate
Shi Kuai (son)
Xi (daughter)

Jie Fei, also known as the Masked Bandit, is character in a number of Tigrisian tales. Unlike some legends told however, she was a real animal at one point.


Jie Fei had more brownish hues to her fur, unlike her orange son Shi Kuai. Her stripes were black and she wore the fur a berenga she presumably slew and skinned. She had bright blue eyes.


As per her title and legend status, one could assume she was stealthy. She was a motherly Tigrisa, loving to her children, but also had a thirst for adventure and danger. Though she often curses the trouble her escapades get her in, she keeps doing it over and over for the sake of an adrenaline rush.


In SpellboundEdit

Shi Kuai mentions her in passing as his mother without naming her. It is revealed she lost her life in service to Yu Song's own mother, Ling.

In The Real Masked BanditEdit

Jie Fei journeys to or through the land of the Panju, stealing their prized Ruby Egg and adding it to the long list of valuables and relics she'd stolen over the years.

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