"Punish" [Ndebele]
The Forges of Dawn
Close Kin
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Jezisa replaces Fuga as Head Beast Tamer when the latter is turned into a Hound.


Jezisa is described as being pale brown. His other features are unknown.


Jezisa is an intelligent, but generally dour Lyon. Unlike other Pale Ones, who feel superior and are even cruel to what they consider 'lesser' lyons, Jezisa disapproves of the cruelty and is only ever annoyed or apathetic. Ones delight in doling out misery; Jezisa just does his job and is even disgusted at their cruelty. He even feels for the hounds, hoping they don't retain any of their minds as they shred and eat lyons, for their own sake.

He doesn't have much pep to him, and never has any enthusiasm throughout the course of the book until Mōbōr rips him to pieces.


In The Forges of DawnEdit

Jezisa was nothing more than a lowly Beast Tamer's assistant before Fuga is turned into a hound by Vireka, and as the eldest of them, his fellow assistants figure he has the least time to live anyway, so they put him right in Fuga's spot, right under the Holy Lord's murderous glare. Though inexperienced, he is able to find Uhuru's Pride where Fuga could not, using threats, Fyre stones, and the process of elimination to weed them out. He isn't fond of his job, and never is throughout the span of the book.

Jezisa endures a few beatings, for letting Uhuru and Tarute escape, but his death is not at the paws of the white lyon. It is at the paws of the undead, gigantic demon lyon Mōbōr, who rips him into bloody ribbons.