Kanai's Beginning
Close Kin
Pevua (brother)
Urbi (mate)
Roozani (daughter)
Niamoja (daughter)
Tafuta (daughter)
Gichinga (daughter)

Jaramogi is a Lyon that lived closer to the early enlightening period of the Lyons. He was the leader of a pride.


Jaramogi is a greyish-brown lyon on the paler side of the spectrum with a light underbelly. He has grey eyes and great, bushy eyebrows. His mane is swept back and two-toned, of light brown and a more chocolate brown. He appears very slightly bigger than average and is overall quite scruffy.


Jaramogi is brave and leader like Lyon. He is tolerant enough to adopt a male cub not of his own blood, then do so again later in life, even if he isn't so keen on the idea. However, he isn't hard hearted enough to turn away children in need.


In Kanai's BeginningsEdit

Jaramogi saves the cub Kanai from a rogue attack along with his brother, Pevua. Afterwards, he adopts the boy and his siblings, allowing them to grow into adults in his own pride. Kanai leaves, but returns with two more cubs in much the same situation he was all those years ago. Jaramogi is reluctant, as he isn't keen on raising cubs at his age, but he takes them in as well.

However, his brother Pevua is a problem...


  • Jaramogi is a noncannon character.
  • He was designed/gifted to EMK by Adabratic, but belongs to E. M. Kinsey.

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