"The Messenger" [Hausa]
Empires of Sand
The Road To Ruin
Character Sheet
Close Kin
Usodai (father)
Ayana (mother)
Tiaret (sister)
Kai (betrothal)
Mounir (mate)
Akoth (son)
Iyapo (son)
Huria (daughter)

Jakada is a sub protagonist of the forthcoming Iron Lyons graphic novel, "Empires of Sand". He will also feature in The Road To Ruin.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Jakada is a rich golden lion with a straight, droopy, blond mane which shields one his orange eyes. He has a brown nose, and a steely expression.


Jakada is hard but fair, and not afraid to throw his weight and position around when he feels it necessary. However, he does listen to and consider the opinions of those around him, even when doubts the speaker. Jakada is a fairly open-minded individual, willing to forgo long established laws and traditions for the good of the people. He cares very much for his subjects and can grow angry very quickly if they are threatened, harmed, or killed. 


Empires of SandEdit

Jakada is the Emperor of the Sun Empire during Empires of sand. He is the secondborn of his father's children, but as a male, supercedes his sister in the line of inheritance. She is instead made his adviser, and the two presumably make an all right team.

Emperor of the Sun Empire

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